Who are VR-Tech & Systems Limited?

VR-Tech are an IT support company that has been trading since 2017 and have key employees who have over 30 years of experience in the Engineering and IT industry.

My name is Nigel Froud and I was made redundant following 22 years as an operations manager for a Manufacture of motor generator Sets that powered up military radar systems. I ran the complete division including the IT department. My son joined me 6 years prior to my redundancy and took over the IT department, his level of expertise is extremely high. When I was made redundant, we decided to start out own IT support company, setting out to provide companies with bespoke business software, but have ended up providing a household repair service for laptops and computers with a few business customers thrown in.

We are in the process of building a recognised name in the industry, it is very much felt that with this expansion of the team, we will be in a better position to attract larger clients who require support in many areas, individually this would not be possible.

Computers, computer equipment, and IT support are generally the lifeblood of every business and home in the UK and beyond. Investing in a computer franchise is a great investment choice.

Half a century ago, the idea of a computer franchise would have been unthinkable, however, times have changed beyond recognition. Now, as we enter the second decade of the 21st century, computer franchise opportunities are thriving and are proving to be more popular than ever amongst keen investors thanks to the lucrative money-making opportunities that they provide.

Even better, when you invest in a computer franchise you won’t have to put any extra work or effort into establishing a brand name. You’ll be becoming part of an established brand that is already recognisable.

VR-Tech & Systems Limited are now expanding and we have a variety of new franchise opportunities right now in several locations. If you want to join with us as we continue our expansion across the UK, we would like to hear from you.

What does a VR-Tech & Systems Limited Franchise consist of? What do you get as a Franchisee?

So many people think of starting their own business – not just for the financial rewards but for the opportunity to be your own boss and run your own life. But the downside is that although you get all the rewards, you also take the risks. Taking on a franchise within a proven operation reduces those risks substantially. By joining VR-Tech & Systems Limited, you can reduce them even more!

The benefits to the franchisee are numerous.

Benefit 1

VR-Tech & Systems will be introducing a large dedicate support call center to provide remote support to all of their clients, mainly focused on business but also available to their Household Customers. The franchisee will qualify for 25% of all sales made via the support call center for those calls made within the franchisee’s dedicated area.

Benefit 2

The Franchisee shall benefit from larger concerns being made accessible as the organizational area expands, there are many nationwide concerns that require a “one stop shop” for all their offices.

Benefit 3

With the companies proposed expansion, the franchisee will greatly benefit from the material savings made by the centralized material purchasing, we will be able to keep a wider range of available stock, procure material at a more cost-effective level, these savings will be passed on to the Franchisee.

Benefit 4

The franchisee will further benefit from the proposed Library of expertise, all areas of the business are to list the skillsets of their staff, allowing those sometimes-unique skills to be made available to the franchisee when required.

Business Support

Everyone working for VR-Tech & Systems Limited is an important player on the team. We believe in building personal professional relationships with our customers and being always polite and helpful. We must make it easy for people to do business with us. We can also provide technical support initially, along with supported material pricing and general office support.

As a Franchisee you buy the right to develop your business in a defined geographical area, with a guarantee from VR-Tech & Systems Limited of no VR-Tech & Systems Limited competitor in that area. Franchisees can offer their clients the full breadth of VR-Tech & Systems Limited expertise, all supported by the full span of our capabilities.

We ensure that you are well equipped to start and grow your business. Training, ongoing business support and a wide range of resources are available when you become The VR-Tech & Systems Limited Franchisee in your area.

One of the main benefits of Franchising is that it is a business partnership between Franchisee and Franchisor. Head Office support is essential especially in the early trading days of the franchisee, and it will always be readily available. In the early days there will be a very much hands on approach, gradually stepping back and letting you, the Franchisee take complete control as you become more confident, professional and experienced.

Our aim is to provide a nationwide quality service to customers with an emphasis on personal service and professionalism. We aim to build up a strong two-way working relationship with all our franchisees, and make the VR-Tech & Systems Limited name synonymous with excellence.

So, if you’re looking for a Franchise opportunity with some real strengths search no more.

The Earnings Potential

What you can earn out of VR-Tech & Systems Limited Franchise is, in the final analysis, up to you: how hard you work, and how gifted you are. It’s no different to anything else. But you’ll be surprised at how the numbers can stack up.

Satisfied Customers

Excellent service. Computer sorted out and new system replaced the old Outlook. Everything was explained clearly and with patience . Will definitely use VR Tech and Systems again!

From the minute Nigel and his colleague walked in they were very polite and raring to go. Initially it was thought that the issue will be straightforward but on inspection they noticed that it might require additional support from the Xero Support Team. They engaged very well with the team and as a result they were eventually able to bypass some of the problems that had occurred as a result of trying to connect the printer using the printer dongle. They both possess very good communication and customer service skills and kept me involved in the fixing process. Would recommend Vr-Tech.

Very happy with the service. I contacted a few companies for help but VR Tech stood out as they quickly arranged to collect my computer next day and get to work. This meant I didn’t have to leave my home and drop it off anywhere. The issue was quickly resolved, and I was surprised the price was so competitive. Nigel and Lenny also spent over an hour attempting to resolve and issue with my home Wi-Fi booster caused by faulty equipment. I will definitely use their services again.

Brilliant work! Nigel collected my computer and repaired the faulty power unit. All work was carried out promptly and to a great standard. Will be using them again for sure!

Absolutely brilliant job done by Nigel and his colleague. They were efficient, good value for money and totally fuss-free. Would 100% recommend.

I can only recommend their services. Very reliable and punctual. Service price was very reasonable. My laptop was collected and back in few hours all working well. They also advised regarding few issues and came up with a cheap solution rather than trying to charge for unnecessary things.

What do you need to be successful as a VR-Tech & Systems Limited Franchisee?

There is just no escaping the fact that running your own business can be hard work. However, you are doing it for yourself and the rewards of a VR-Tech & Systems Limited franchise will be there for you to see from day one. maximum effort will be required in the first 24 months to establish a foothold in the franchisee’s area, along with business marketing. If the Franchisee can acquire corporate business alongside Household support the rewards are without limit.

If you possess the following attributes, then a VR-Tech & Systems Limited franchise could be just what you have been looking for:

A willingness to work hard because there is simply no substitute for hard work.

A willingness to persevere, because there will always be times when things don’t go according to plan.

The desire to work for yourself and take proper control of your own destiny.

The desire to work with others who all share your commitment to the highest standards.

If everything you’ve read so far makes sense, and you think that a VR-Tech & Systems Limited Franchise is something you want to know more about, we should talk further.

Nigel Froud
020 8106 4809

If everything you’ve read so far makes sense, and you think that a VR Tech & Systems Ltd Franchise is something you want to know more about, we should talk further.

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