Franchise Opportunity

The concept


The concept originates from the Far East and works on the idea of experimenting with a variety of fresh ingredients to create healthy, nutritious and tasty stir fry. Simply put we are professional stir fryers. The main course, the main feature of the restaurant, involves customers choosing their ingredients from a fridge display unit. They then take the chosen items to a chef, who has a row of woks in front of him and will stir fry the customer’s creation with oils, sauces and garnishes accord-ing to the customers taste. Due to the vast array, including exotic, ingredients there are millions of different stir fry combinations and so customers are encouraged to go back to the fridges as often as they like.

We use bespoke equipment along with fresh and interesting ingredients to make this a healthy, unique and exciting eating experience. Clients walk into a refreshing, bright, and vibrant environment where they find brilliant, fast, friendly service, second to none. The exhilarating electric environment is enhanced by sporadic bursts of flames shooting upwards from the woks as the food is cooked, sending flickers of orange though out the restaurant. All in all we have made over 1 million stir fries since we started our
business in Sowerby Bridge in 1999.

The history of Temujin

When Temujin in Sowerby Bridge opened in December 1999 it was a very new concept for the North of England and had I opened it
ten years earlier, I don’t believe it would have been as successful. It has been embraced by the communities here and is stronger than ever since it opened eighteen years ago. It has reached its maturity having gone through and survived the 2008 banking crisis. We have grown and developed the concept to the point where the choices available are plentiful and we have focussed on various groups such as those with eating disorders, slimming groups and families.

We have had nearly two generations of people through our doors, celebrating milestones within those families such as weddings, birthdays, anniversaries and birth celebrations. We have also focussed on the flexibility of the concept to be inclusive of people from all different walks of life and ethnic-ities who require different eating requirements to make it the success it has been thus far.

The business model, as we see it, operates with a Manager and Assistant Manager. The rest of the staff are employed on a hourly basis as their requirements are changeable depending on the time of year, week or day. We have spent the last 18 years improving and adapting Temujin to be better suited to the UK market and preparing ourselves, as a company, for future expansion in the form of a franchised chain of restaurants and takeaways using the stir fry concept.

The franchise opportunity

This concept lends itself to franchising – it is marketable, cost effective, very profitable and does not rely on any trained staff or specialist Chefs. Despite the fact that the running of this type of restaurant is far easier and simpler than any other restaurant, the food produced is brilliant. It has the added “wow” factor along with huge amounts of entertainment that cannot be duplicated in any other environment.

Franchise detail and set up-cost

To set up a Temujin franchise there will be a number of costs to consider:


The size of the restaurant would need to be a minimum of 200m2 or 150m2 if the restaurant is to be connected to a pub. It would preferably, but not necessarily, be on the ground floor. The ground rent needs to be in the region of £160/m22(£15/ft2) but can be higher or lower dependant on location, size etc.


Once a suitable site has been located the set-up cost of a restaurant would be in the region of approximately £150,000 dependent on the size. If the restaurant is to be connected to an existing pub the cost may reduce by at least £50,000. These costs would include all architects fees, equipment, structural changes and initial launch marketing.To develop a town/city centre restaurant of approximately 300m2 the set-up cost will be around £200,000.

Documentation and training

The documentation and training costs are £15,000 to include £5,000 non-refundable deposit.


Love it!
This is an absolute gem of a place that is really unique in terms of the all you can eat experience offered. There are so many different combinations you can try and I love the fact that there is a different ‘guest’ meat/fish to try every so often. The home-made cheesecake is also a must have.


Have been going to this place for years and it’s always fantastic. Such a great variety and experience. Something for all the family. Great service and lovely location.


Amazing entertainment!
Great idea – you choose what you want the chefs to cook for you from the bank of fresh produce available. Entertaining to sit in the main part of the restaurant where the chefs are cooking and flames shooting up. In addition to the usual beef, pork and chicken there was Maui-Maui, kangaroo and zebra on the menu the night we were there!


The earnings potential

What you can earn out of a Temujin Franchise is, in the final analysis, up to you: how hard and efficient you work, how well you manage the staff hours and how well you apply our formula of success. It’s no different to anything else. But you’ll be surprised at how the profit can build over a period of time. It is also obviously dependant on the size and location of your establishment. Herewith an overview of the percentages you should expect from a Temujin Restaurant.

  Expected % to turnover
  Minimum Maximum
Direct Input Costs 25% 30%
Wages (Ex Salaries) 18% 22%
Gross Profit Before Overheads 45% 55%
General Overheads (Before Franchise Fee) 17% 23%
NET PROFIT (Ex Salaries & Franchise Fee) 23% 38%


What support can I receive?

As a franchisee, you will receive valuable, ongoing business support, including site selection, training, marketing, vital pre on-site training to give your new busi-ness a head start. We will assist you in developing a busi-ness plan, how to profitably manage your facility, learning the best ways to hire and manage personnel. Everyone working for Temujin Franchises is an important player on the team. We believe in building personal, professional relationships with our customers, creating consistency for all who use our products. Our aim is to provide a consistent quality and service to all customers nationwide. We aim to build up a strong two-way working relationship with all our franchisees, to make the Temujin name synonymous with excellence. We ensure that you are well equipped to start and grow your business. Training, ongoing business support and a wide range of resources are available when you become a Temujin franchisee in your area. One of the main benefits of franchising is that it is a business partnership between franchisee and franchisor. Head Office support is essential, especially in the early trading days of the franchisee, and it will always be readily available. In the early days there will be a very hands-on approach from us, gradually stepping back and letting you, the Franchisee, take complete control as you become more confident, professional and experienced.

The operations manual contains all the information and know-how to run your own business successfully. It will be your point of reference for everything you do. It is a step by step guide on how to run and operate the business. This manual alone is worth the franchise fee. It’s a treasure trove of useful information and will save you time and money every step of the way. It is written in a clear way, with an easy-to-follow format. All the facts of the business without, the fuss, and all at your fingertips from day one.

Our vision, mission, and cultural statement


Team Temujin will create a prosperous, strong, catering company by providing unique, healthy, consistent and exciting eating experiences to all our customers in the form of restaurants, takeaways, outside catering and event catering using the stir-fry concept. We will educate, inform and change the eating habits of all people who use us, creating happier and more stable communities.


To create the best branded stir-fry and healthy eating catering company in the UK and to be recognised for providing great food, entertainment and fast, efficient friendly service.

Culture – Our values

• The company strives to be an employer of choice, inspiring and developing the team through training, realising that our key to success must be the success of each and every employee.

• We endeavour to be dedicated, disciplined and loyal, providing consistency, value and great service to all our customers.

• Our team is a well disciplined, enthusiastic, fun loving group of people with great attitude, passion and integrity.

The business always strives to achieve the highest level of cleanliness, give direction, create endless opportunity, and generates abundance through growth.

The future of our franchise opportunity

The real opportunity we have is the obesity problem in the West, Chinese culture, especially the cuisine and eating habits is a major influence within the West. There is a great require-ment for more choice in higher quality, healthier foods within the restaurant sector. We will develop a strong brand which is every thing related to stir-fry and become re-nowned for and specialist in stir-fry. We will be the place people look to first when they need to purchase any thing stir-fry. We will continue to grow as a strong brand and develop more

• Restaurants
• Sauces, oils and garnishes
• Takeaways
• Event companies (for festivals, etc)
• Recipe books
• Related shopping (and further
develop our e-commerce site)
• Online advice facility
• Pre-packed stir-fries
• Stir-fry school giving programs
• Stir-fry academy
Our Vision,
and Cultural

You can be a major contributor to our development and the potential benefits for you are limitless. If you like what you see and read we would love to talk to you.

If everything you’ve read so far makes sense, and you think that a Temujin Franchise is something you want to know more about, we should talk further.

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