Scooperb has provided the template for this business plan combining the outline information regarding the franchise and the local market and   nancial information provided by the franchisee.

By taking and using this plan the franchisee acknowledge and accept that it may only be used in respect of the sale of the partciular franchise territory referred to herein and may not be used, copied or given to any other party for any other purpose without our specifc written permission.

An independent audit has not taken place and Scooperb cannot be held liable if the projections are not achieved or there are subsequently found to be
any inaccuracies or exclusions in the information provided.

However, to the best of our knowledge, the plan represents a true and fair picture of what the franchisee should be able to achieve, going forward.




Founded in Harrow, London We are a family operated Ice cream & Desserts Lounge, spreading joy on the busy street of Rayners Lane.

Right from Ice creams, Milkshakes, Waffles, Crepes, Sorbets and Sundaes to Sizzling Brownies & Falooda and all served up by friendly and welcoming faces. We have all the means and devices to cheer anyone up!

Scooperb brings a taste of India in every bite and every cone, through its spice forward flavors, and its creamy textures. We are inspired by the traditions, culture, and heritage that India brings, and we show that through our products, hospitality and design.

We are now looking to extend our success to hungry entrepreneurs, looking for a scoop of the action and create their own Scooperb story.

On the following pages, you will find out more information about our Scooperb business and how you can become a part of our family!



At Scooperb, we just making Ice Creams. We are making an experience. A mix of the most natural ingredients, whipped with love & frozen to perfection. We call it the Scooperb experience. Scooperb is an aspirational brand, beautifully & innovatively designed and inspired by the flavours and aromatic spices of South Asia and our founders childhood. Experience our amazing and unique pairings and go on a taste journey through India with flavours such as Lychee, Sitaphal and Chickoo, to name only a few. Our ice cream is all eggless, vegetarian, handcrafted, and churned with very little air, resulting in purer, more robust flavours, as well as the creamiest textures you can find. Scooperbs unique desserts have been giving our customers joy since 2015.



We’redessert heaven!

Think Waffles, Brownies, Falooda, Cookie Dough and crepe’s all paired with our delicious Ice cream.

From our signature milkshakes, to our freshly ground Coffee we’ve got everyone covered with our extensive drinks menu.

At Scooperb, we really don’t leave anyone out. We have a savoury offering on our menu for those who haven’t bought their sweet tooth with them.

We are constantly working on introducing and developing new and exciting Ice cream flavours, keeping our wonderful customers coming back to try something new..
It’s our commitment to the world of Ice cream!



We have developed our Eggless Ice cream to attract and cater for a large and ever increasing market. Consumers may not eat eggs for many different reasons:

  • Religious Beliefs across many faiths
  • Ethical/Animal rights reasons
  • Environmental Impact
  • Health
  • Vegetarianism/Dietary preferences
  • Allergies

There are no alcohol or animal products in our ice cream such as gelatine and rennet and through years of development and sampling, taste has never been compromised



The UK Ice cream and desserts market has experienced significant growth over the last 7 years and is expected to continue to rise with more and more people swapping a drink out for a dessert out!
Dessert parlours have become part of the UK’s night-time economy. Many outlets have opening times extending past midnight, serve mocktails, and host happy hours – reminiscent of pubs and bars but with an audience that tends to be younger and often family- orientated.
Young people are drinking less alcohol than previous generations, with 22.8% reporting they were abstinent in 2017 (ONS), though they still look for spaces where they can socialise with their friends in the evening, without involving alcohol.
Scooperb is already grabbing a scoop of this market putting a smile on our customers faces serving our unique and delicious ice cream and desserts from day time, right through to late evening.



Scooperb was an idea that came to Ramnath and Deepali Prabhu after gaining joint experience of more than 30 years in the food and beverage industry.
Scooperb has always been a family affair, Ramnath and Deepali’s two young boys helped come up with the Scooperb name and tagline as well as a bit of taste testing!!
Ramnath has immense knowledge and experience in the ice cream and Cafe industry in India and London, whilst Deepali brought in her understanding of the franchisee system and her operational/management skills, both of which, made Scooperb the best way to step into the market.
They have paired with industry leaders in Franchise development, responsible for the expansion of many high street brands and together, are working towards the expansion of Scooperb franchises all over the UK.



Be the undisputed leader and consumer’s brand of choice in the ice cream and dessert lounge segment in any chosen market.
We have ambitious plans to expand our Franchise model to every major UK high street.



Like any new business, there will be set up costs that you are expected to cover in addition to the Franchise Fee. These costs include
costs to setup the premises from where you will operate and the purchase of initial stock etc. You will need to cover your own set-up costs
and ensure that you have the sufficient working capital and funds to cover your costs in the first weeks of you starting as a Scooperb
franchisee. We can help you with resourcing all the necessary start-up equipment, training and materials you need at cost, once we can
ascertain your existing resources and equipment and your additional requirements in a first meeting.


Investing into any business in our industry is a daunting prospect. A Scooperb Fanchise offers a heightened chance of success from an already established and proven successful business model. 92% of UK franchisee’s report profitability. Our menu and product is highly profitable, with high consumer satisfaction that drives reputation and repeat custom. We’re here to support you through every step of your journey, from finding the best location for your store, to refurbishment, set up, marketing, opening and beyond.



  • Location mapping and site selection
  • Lease negotiation
  •  Fit out and design support
  • Assistance with business plans
  • Broad pre and post opening training
  • Full array of operation manuals
  •  Support in dentification & set-up of supply chain
  • Marketing tools and collateral Store launch campaign


  • Ongoing franchise support through field visits and
  • Refresher Training
  • Operational advice
  • Menu development
  • Marketing support and templates
  • Website development
  • Business guidance

2022 new property criteria

Our new store design fits perfectly into town centre locations. Designed to maximise speed of service with a contemporary and modern look

  • Varied mix of social-economic groups
  • High footfall and traffic areas
  • Close to retail, restaurants, takeaways and evening
    venues such as cinemas and theatres
  • Car parks or good transport links
  • Minimum area of 600 -1500 sq ft
  • Minimum frontage of 12 ft (4.5m)
  • A1 use (A3 Preferred)


Like with any hospitality business, repeat customers is the key to our success. There will be a loyalty scheme for customers to receive certain discounts.

The franchisor will also develop an ongoing marketing plan for our use at a local level.

There will also be marketing campaigns that develop on a national level through the use of the National Marketing Fund in the future.


To launch the business, we will be advertising in the local press and distributing leaflets, linked with various promotional offers.

The franchisor has designed a launch programme for you to implement immediately upon opening the shop.

The first few days will involve distribution of samples on the high street with the local radio station opening the store to the general public. The shop location is such that any passer-by will be able to see our offers in our window.

The website is fully functioning with web optimization and is ranked in the top searches across all browsers. It will be an essential tool in creating the brand awareness for the shop.

During the run up towards opening the premises, the franchisor will design an online launch campaign for customers to view and also promotions and competitions.


  • Initial call
  • Discovery meeting & Brochure Analysis
  • Non Disclosure agreement
  • Financial modelling
  • Site visit
  • Franchise Agreement & Completion
  • Location mapping
  • Training
  • Fit out and launch 

If everything you’ve read so far makes sense, and you think that a Scooperb Franchise is something you want to know more about, we should talk further.

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