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Who are Project Pet

Here at Project Pet we not only care for your beloved pets, we also care just as much for the environment too! We use our electric vehicles which produce zero emissions, to transport your pet too and from their walks.

We provide professional pet services such as group dog walking & doggy adventures. We offer additional services such as pet sitting, and electric pet taxi.

We believe as a business it is our duty to take action towards reducing our carbon paw-print to protect our only home, Earth. We have partnered with Ecologi to offset our emissions and become a climate positive workforce. By doing this we are currently planting 34 trees a month!

Our clients love that they are investing not only in their pets, but towards a sustainable planet.

Project Pet began back in 2015 as a local dog walking company, in Woodley, Berkshire. The owner Daniel Fothergill has always been passionate about the natural world, but shocked at how humans were and still are destroying natural habitats, and pumping fossil fuels into the atmosphere, causing global warming.

After researching that nothing was being done in the pet care industry to help fight the climate crisis, the UK’s first eco-friendly dog walking company was created. We now use all electric vehicles to transport the dogs to and from their daily walks. We have also partnered with an organisation called ‘Ecologi’ to offset our carbon emissions as a workforce.

We are now a leading dog walking company in the Woodley area, and our goal is to be the leading pet care business in the UK, with sustainability at the forefront. Our slogan ‘Caring for your pet, and the planet’ will and always will be our mission statement.

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What makes us different you may ask?


Use of electric vehicles which produce zero emissions!


Live GPS Tracker attached to your dogs collar during their walk.


Maximum of 5 Dogs in a group at one time.


Animal lovers you can trust!

What does a Project Pet Franchise consist of?

So many people think of starting their own business – not just for the financial rewards but for the opportunity to be your own boss and run your own life. But the downside is that although you get all the rewards, you also take the risks. Taking on a franchise within a proven operation reduces those risks substantially. By joining Project Pet, you can reduce them even more!

What do you get as a Franchisee?

  • To join the UK’s first eco friendly dog walking company
  • The use of our established trademarked logo and brand
  • Exclusive Territory
  • Licence
  • Ipad Tablet – Run your business from one device
  • Online Marketing
  • A project pet website landing page
  • SEO
  • Google adwords campaign (Free first month)
  • Social media pages (Facebook, Instagram)
  • Police Check
  • First year insurance free
  • First Aid Training
  • 500 business cards
  • 1000 leaflets
  • Ongoing support (phonecall, email)
  • Branded Uniform
  • Booking Software
  • Assistant on electric vehicle leasing
  • Vehicle Wrapping

All Franchisees will receive the following:


Email and phone support


In person training


Online materials

Business support

As a franchisee, you will receive valuable, ongoing business support. Everyone working for Project Pet is an important player on the team. We believe in building personal professional relationships with our customers and being polite and helpful at all times. We must make it easy for people to do business with us.

As a Franchisee you buy the right to develop your business in a defined geographical area, with a guarantee from Project Pet of no Project Pet competitor in that area. Franchisees can offer their Clients the full breadth of Project Pet expertise, all supported by the full span of our capabilities.

Our aim is to provide a nationwide quality service to customers with an emphasis on personal service and professionalism. We aim to build up a strong two way working relationship with all our franchisees, and make the Project Pet name synonymous with excellence.

What kind of support can I expect from Project Pet as a Franchisee?

We ensure that you are well equipped to start and grow your business. Training, ongoing business support and a wide range of resources are available when you become The Project Pet Franchisee in your area.

One of the main benefits of Franchising is that it is a business partnership between Franchisee and Franchisor. Head Office support is essential especially in the early trading days of the franchisee, and it will always be readily available. In the early days there will be a very much hands on approach, gradually stepping back and letting you, the Franchisee take complete control as you become more confident, professional and experienced.
The operations manual contains all the information and know-how to run your own business successfully. It will be your point of reference for everything you do. It is a step by step guide on how to run and operate the business. This manual alone is worth the franchise fee. It’s a treasure trove of useful information and will save you time and money every step of the way. It is written in a clear way, following an easy to understand format. All the facts of the business without the fuss, and all at your finger tips from
day one.

The earnings potential

What you can earn out of Project Pet Franchise is, in the final analysis, up to you: how hard you work, and how gifted you are. It’s no different to anything else. But you’ll be surprised at how the numbers can stack up.

Year one Year two Year three
Income Between
£15,000 – £25,000
£25,000 – £50,000
£50,000 – £75,000+
Expenditure £6,000 – £8,000 £8,000 – £13,000 £13,000 – £20,000
Profit £9,000 – £17,000 £17,000 – £37,000 £37,000 – £55,000


It is important to emphasise that the above figures are projections provided for the purpose of illustration and are not intended to be a statement, representation, warranty or guarantee of individual franchisee earnings. It is essential that (prior to entering into the franchise) you satisfy yourself of the value of the investment you intend to make in terms of both time and money.


Great dog walking company ..would highly recommend
My dog Alfie loves his walks at Project Pet! They send us photos and updates each day and Aflie gets a GPS tracker attached to his collar which gives me peace of mind.

Valerie Buttons - Alfie (Jack Russell)

Project pet have been fantastic with my dog Jessie! They are so quick to reply and great at finding a last minute slot for her. She has loved her walks and always enthusiastically greets them. Dan and his team have been so understanding of her nervousness and helped build her confidence and trust with other dogs. I love their app that shows me where she’s walked, photos, videos and comments on how she has gotten on. They are completely trust worthy and I would highly recommend them!

Maddy Hughes - Jessie (Mixed breed)

After contacting Daniel about walking our Dog we had a face to face visit where he met our puppy. Daniel is incredibly patient and very knowledgeable when it comes to dogs and gave us some really helpful advice. Really easy to book walks and get gps updates of the walk So you can see your dog having fun and socialising with other dogs which is a really cool feature. Should you need a trusted, friendly and reliable dog walker Project Pet is a must!

Jack Snow - Cooper (Cockerpoo)

Founder and Owner at Project Pet
I started Project Pet back in 2015, purely as a project after working at a local dog and cat kennel. I had gained previous experience working in pet shops, and even as a local dog warden! I’ve always been entrepreneurial since I can remember, starting side hustles as a kid such as washing cars around my housing estate where I lived with my parents.

After leaving the dog and cat kennel, I then started up Project Pet, a local dog walking company in Woodley. I have always been passionate about the natural world, but shocked at how humans were and still are destroying natural habitats, and pumping fossil fuels into the atmosphere, causing global warming. This made me realise I needed to do something about this, especially if I wanted a business that had longevity.

I decided to create the UK’s first eco-friendly dog walking company, using electric vehicles instead of fossil fueled vehicles. A lot of my inspiration actually came from Elon musk (CEO of Tesla motors) who has changed the way humans commute with electric vehicles.

We are now a leading dog walking company in the Woodley area, and my goal is to be the leading pet care business in the UK, with sustainability at the forefront. Our slogan ‘Caring for your pet, and the planet’ will and always will be our mission statement.

Daniel Fothergill

What you need

What do you need to be successful as a Project Pet Franchisee?


A willingness to work hard, because there is simply no substitute for hard work.


A willingness to persevere, because there will always be times when things don’t go according to plan.


The desire to work for yourself, and take proper control of your own destiny.


The desire to work with others who all share your commitment to the highest standards.

If everything you’ve read so far makes sense, and you think that a Pet Project Franchise is something you want to know more about, we should talk further.

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