Your opportunity to run your own turn key business in the booming tried and tested wellness & relaxation sector, with a huge market value of over £12.6 billion in the UK alone. We take motivated and energetic people and step by step teach you how to run a successful, highly profitable business and become your own boss. No previous experience is required.


“My vision for Primal Chakra has always been to create a brand that enhances relaxation, positivity and a persons well being. I have long been a collector of crystals and have always been intrigued by the various healing properties they offer, from rose quartz, the crystal of love to one of my favourites amethyst which helps dispel anxiety. I set out on a mission to create a portfolio of products that not only offered these positive benefits but were also beautiful gifts that anyone would be delighted to receive. I have been truly overwhelmed by the response I have received from my returning customers and I am hopeful that you will be joining me on the next stage of this wonderful journey.”

– Kristie Hackett
Founder & Director


The brand Primal Chakra was started by Kristie back in 2020 when she had the vision of producing a range of luxury crystal products to calm and soothe the soul. Kristie spent the next year attending craft fairs, selling through pop up stalls in shopping centres gaining valuable feedback from customers. With the benefit of this feedback Kristie was able to enhance the current offerings and extend the range of products, which now consist of items such as beautiful crystal necklaces, breathtaking crystal trees, powerful orgone crystal pyramids and our Primal Chakra signature scented candles, made from sustainable soy wax and embellished with stunning healing crystals each with their own unique healing properties. All crystals are Reiki charged by our in house certified Reiki Healer whereby using the power of Reiki to boost the effect of our healing properties. Primal Chakras products have been well received earning five star awards, Kristie says that the secret to the brands success is by offering highly desirable products, in beautiful packaging at a fair price.


“It is said that those who possess Primal Chakra become more grounded, focused and achieve a state of zen”


Primal Chakra are now expanding their business and have a number of franchise opportunities available right now in several post code areas across the UK. We would love to hear from you if you are interested in joining us in our quest to reduce stress and bring peace and tranquillity to the nation.


You may have considered starting a business of your own, being your own boss, living life on your terms but starting your own business from the ground up takes a lot of capital and carries huge risks.

That is why franchising is so popular, you are still your own boss, you make the decisions on a day to day basis but you have the security of a proven working business model which enables you to hit the ground running, thus substantially reducing any risks. Plus if you decide to get involved with a Primal Chakra franchise right now there are some real benefits.

You see it’s rare that franchise opportunities such as this come along and when they do they are always over six figures, and there is good reason for that. It’s all about the potential of the brand and the market that it serves. Imagine being offered an exclusive post code area franchise for Pandora, where your sales come not just through your shops but also anything online in your area. That is a massive income potential and If you were offered the chance to buy this franchise, you would, as its an easy decision! This is where we see Primal Chakra in five years so don’t miss this opportunity to get in at


You don’t need any experience in business or in retail as once you become a Primal Chakra franchisee you receive one to one training which includes our business development programme and of course we are there to support you every day. If you have ambitions to run your own successful business and enjoy dealing with to people then we would love to hear from you and perhaps we can help you fulfil your ambitions. Here are the main reasons we consider the Primal Chakra franchise to be the best business franchise opportunity right now

1. Your Primal Chakra franchise area is post code exclusive, that means any sales either online or offline are your sales

2. You are getting involved at absolutely the right time as the wellness market is worth a staggering £12.6 billion and is growing at unprecedented rates

3. We only take on one franchisee in any period so that we can work with you and ensure your success

4. We will be working behind the scenes every day through marketing,SEO and social to drive sales into your business


As a Primal Chakra franchisee we supply you with all the equipment that you will need, allowing you or your team, to sell at Craft fairs, Artesian markets, Christmas markets and shopping centre/garden centre popup stalls. We supply you with £10,000 of retail stock to start you off this and this includes our premium candles, crystal trees, crystal necklaces, reed diffusers and lots more. On top of this we are here to support you every day helping you benefit from our expertise. You will receive one to one training and you will work with our business development team helping you grow your business to fulfil your ambitions.


In the early stages as a Primal Chakra franchise owner you would probably want to be involved directly with sales and events however, as your business grows you may wish to delegate these tasks and take on more of a management role. Whatever you chose we are here to help with your business development and remember you are benefiting from our vast experience, in other words we know what works, we have made the mistakes so you don’t have to.

Are you ready to be your own boss and build something highly secure and extremely successful, something thatcould be passed on to your family when you retire or even sold to provide a healthy pension. Buying a Primal Chakra franchise is the smart thing to do if you are looking for a proven business in a box. Something that puts you in control with the freedom and all the financial benefits that that running your own business brings. If that sounds like something that ticks your box then we would love to hear from you.


We consider the Primal Chakra brand to be positioned in the wellness sector however, lots of customers buy our products because they do make beautiful gifts. The wellness industry in booming, in 2020 the health and wellness industry was worth £23 billion with the wellness industry alone worth over £12 billion. According to McKinsey in 2022 the sector was expected to keep growing at between 5-10% per year and was one of the fastest growing sectors. This report stated that consumers everywhere where spending more on improving their health and wellness. Primal Chakra is in pole position to take advantage of this huge growth in demand from customers seeking products that help with relaxation, promote inner calm and improve their very being. We do hope that you will join us on this exciting journey.


As a Primal Chakra Franchise you will receive ongoing day to day support and as part of our business development programme, we work with you help you grow your business to fulfil your vision. Our day to day support includes but is not
limited to, organising and selecting Craft Fairs, dealing with retailers regarding popups in your area, ordering stock and training your team. As a franchise owner your post code area is exclusive to you giving you incredible income potential. We can help you develop and grow your business in four ways

1. Helping you and your team to sell through Craft, Artesian and Christmas fairs
2. Generating sales through shopping centre pop up stalls
3. Building brand recognition in your area
4. Using social media to reach a national audience

We don’t stop there! Behind the scenes we will be introducing new products to our range, and we would love to involve you in the decision making process. We will be offering packages and incentives to our existing customers through weekly mailing campaigns and social posts. All of this is designed to boost your monthly revenue and increase your overall profit. On top of this we will be enhancing our Primal Chakra website, working with google on SEO and marketing as well as marketing on social media, we do this to drive brand awareness and to drive sales. All this means extra income for you as a franchisee without you even lifting a finger.

It is important you act now because we are only looking for one franchisee. Once you are up and running we will open the doors and allow in another franchisee but not until you are fully operational

The Earnings Potential

Like with everything in life there are a number of factors that will affect your success and therefore your level of income including how much time you wish to dedicate to your business and if you are starting with a small team. For the sake of this illustration we have used an average anticipated income.

It is important to emphasise that the above figures are projections provided for the purpose of illustration and are not intended to be a statement, representation, warranty or guarantee of individual franchisee earnings.

It is essential that (prior to entering into the franchise) you satisfy yourself of the value of the investment you
intend to make in terms of both time and money.

What you need

Contact us to reserve your areadifferent to anything else. But you’ll be surprised at how the numbers can stack up.


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