Who are Drama Academy?

Simon Law, the Managing Director of Drama Academy, has been involved in Theatre Arts for over 29 years and founded 5 Stagecoach Theatre Arts Schools in Spain where he was the Principal from 1998 to 2004.

He has directed many shows and taught drama at many schools including Stowe in Buckinghamshire and Churchers College in Petersfield.

Starting at Rowan Preparatory School in Claygate in 2014, as a peripatetic LAMDA teacher, with just 17 students, things started to grow there and it eventually took off. There are now 117 students, from Years 2 – 6 and we now employ two teachers at that school. Classes run in groups of 8 – 14, depending on the age, and are before school, lunchtimes and after school.

So, why did it take off?

Parents want their children to have fun in their drama classes, whilst achieving a qualification, and LAMDA has the name.

With varying numbers in each class, it’s tricky to find the right set piece for the particular child that they enjoy and will perform well. But, with group work this all changes, but finding a really good group script for 3 or 4 that meets the criteria of the LAMDA exam is not easy. This is where https://scriptsandsketches.com/ come in.


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