Who are Derosa Music Academy?

Jon Bliss is the owner and Managing Director of Derosa Music. In June 2015, he took an opportunity to buy a music academy called Derosa Music with a T/O of £250K. His past experience told him the Music Academy had huge potential. He Built a team of professionally qualified tutors and staff, that implemented state of the art automated cloud based systems to stream line the administration. Derosa Music started to see growth year on year. The foundation of the Music Academy stood firm throughout the pandemic due to the ability to flip systems to offer online lessons as well as face to face. They have now taught over 2 million minutes online.

Today the Derosa Music Academy provides lessons to 600 pupils weekly. The T/O this year will be £480K with a gross profit of £240K.

Let us help you create your very own Music Academy

Having studied music Jon also enjoyed an entrepreneurial spirit. In 1997 at the age of 22, he started working for a chain of stores called Make Music. Within a year he had setup an award winning educational sales division turning over £ 1million.

In 2002 at 27 years of age, he was the Managing Director with 7 stores and around 40 staff. He gained industry recognition having successfully negotiating a lease and opening a musical instrument store in Bluewater Shopping Center, one of the UK’s most prestigious shopping destinations. This was followed by an additional store in Merry Hill Shopping Centre in Dudley. At this point he decided to own his own business and purchased a shop in Ware, Hertfordshire. This store was branded “Playsomething”.

His vision was to create a Music Hub, a Music community within the Ware town. Playsomething also had a Music Academy with around 100 pupils. Within 3 years Playsomething were teaching around 500 pupils a week including a peripatetic service within Primary and Secondary schools. The Music Academy had a fantastic reputation but Jon wanted it to have educational credibility. Jon renamed and rebranded the Music Academy to become Hertfordshire College of Music ( HCM ). HCM won contracts with local colleges to tutor around 300 16-18 year olds Level 2. 3 and 4 full time, fully funded qualifications.

For family reasons Jon decided to step back so he could care more for his two daughters. He bought a new venture called Derosa Music a Musical Instrument shop and Music Academy. Having gained a significant skill set in building a previous Music Academy as well as owning a college he put into place a school with robust systems to cope with growth and quality Music Education.
Derosa Music has become an integral part of the community and has helped many people on their musical journey. Music can be a form of therapy and this has been evident throughout the Music Academy. The Music Academy has helped countless individuals and families. Owning a Music Academy can be a privilege and asset to any local community.

The Derosa Ethos

With years of sales experience and a family tradition of pastoral care, Jon now looks at business in a holistic way. While earning money is still a key driver, the well-being of both team members and customers is of the upmost importance to the success of his business. This focus on community building makes his approach unique within this business space.

Jon would like to help you on your journey to open a Music Academy. He has a blue print of proven methods for growth and success. He and his team of professionals will show you the systems that they have developed that will help you avoid the pitfalls of starting your own business.

The key to succeed

As a franchisee, you will receive valuable and ongoing business support.

Everyone working for Derosa Music is an integral player for the team. They believe in building personal, professional relationships with their customers. Key to a successful Music Academy is understanding the logistical pressures parents and adults are under. Going out of our way to find helpful solutions ensures the growth of the Academy.

  • As a Franchisee you will need to have:
  • The drive and motivation to succeed.
  • The ability to build a team, a team that compliments your skill set.
  • The dedication to learn new systems and understand how to apply them.
  • Evidence strong communication skills to help manage your team.
  • A 360-degree focus on the needs of your customer.
  • Show Kindness, have empathy for your team and customers.
  • Be brave, have the confidence to make your dream happen.

    Our aim is to create and provide a nationwide Music Academy Franchise with an emphasis on personal service and professionalism. We aim to build up a strong two way working relationship with all our franchisees, and make the Derosa Music name synonymous with excellence in music education.

    So if you are looking for a franchise with a proven blue print to help you succeed within the music industry, the drive and motivation to run your own business, then you are the franchisee we are looking for.

    Believe in yourself, you can make this happen.

What kind of support can I expect from Derosa Music as a Franchisee?

We ensure that you are well equipped to start and grow your business. Training, ongoing business support and a wide range of resources are available when you become The Derosa Music Franchisee in your area.

One of the main benefits of Franchising is that it is a business partnership between Franchisee and Franchisor. Head Office support is essential especially in the early trading days of the franchisee, and it will always be readily available. In the early days there will be a very much hands on approach, gradually stepping back and letting you, the Franchisee take complete control as you become more confident, professional and experienced.

We will provide comprehensive training on:

  • The systems we use for timetabling invoicing scheduling and Direct Debits.
  • Setup and help manage a Google CPC campaign.
  • Create a unique page on the Derosa HQ site leading to your bookingsof services and availability.
  • Help find and negotiate the terms of a lease.
  • Help advise on fit out.
  • Help create a business plan to include a profit and Loss cash flowand marketing plan.
  • Help Develop partnerships with Suppliers and Exam Boards.
  • Help over see your business with robust reporting.
The operations manual contains all the information and know-how to run your own business successfully. It will be your point of reference for everything you do. It is a step by step guide on how to run and operate the business. This manual alone is worth the franchise fee. It’s a trove of useful information and will save you time and money every step of the way. It is written in a clear way, following an easy to understand format. All the facts of the business without the fuss, and all at your finger tips from day one.

The Earnings Potential

What you can earn out of a Derosa Music Franchise is, in the final analysis, up to you: how hard you work, and how gifted you are. It’s no different to anything else. But you’ll be surprised at how the numbers can stack up.

Year 1

year 2

Year 3

Gross income








Net profit





It is important to emphasise that the above figures are projections provided for the purpose of illustration and are not intended to be a statement, representation, warranty or guarantee of individual franchisee earnings. It is essential that (prior to entering into the franchise) you satisfy yourself of the value of the investment you intend to make in terms of both time and money.

Satisfied customers

“Had an online drum lesson last night all the way from New Zealand! Great experience and great set up. Thanks very much. Will book another one soon!” Paul C

“DeRosa is a great place to learn. They encourage you no matter what your age. I started as an absolute beginner on guitar in my forties and I feel I have made good progress over the past 18 months. The staff are friendly and helpful. It’s great to have DeRosa here in Bishops Stortford, otherwise I would still be wishing I could play the guitar instead of actually now being able to play. Also another item ticked on bucket list!” Saroj P

“What a great place to learn a musical instrument or even vocals. The tutors are all very supportive to get the best out of all the pupils. Young or old, at any level all are encouraged to enjoy music. I look forward to my lesson every week.” Louise P

“Someofthenicest,mosttalented,humansontheplanetcanbefoundhere.” Candice S

“I totally recommend this wonderful music school. My daughter absolutely loves going to her singing lessons with Danielle every week and always comes out so enthusiastic. To top it off, she just achieved a distinction in Musical Theatre. We are extremely pleased. Thank you De Rosa.”

“My experience at De Rosa has been absolutely second to none. I contacted them 3 years ago looking to gain my grades in bass guitar but not really knowing what to expect. However I found the lessons hugely rewarding and quickly became hooked. I am currently working towards Grade 8 with an amazing teacher and even have my own students now. All thanks to De Rosa Music.” Kim D

“As a newbies to the music world, both my children have taken to playing their respective instruments (piano and guitar) fabulously. Without a shadow of a doubt this is down to the friendly, knowledgeable, professional staff at De Rosa Music. Down to the txt reminders for lessons, to a friendly hello when we walk through the door, all the little things that count when you are starting something new, the staff have it covered! Would recommend these guys 100%” Jade T

“Super advice and smiling kids as a result. Thank you, De Rosa” Helen F

What will owning a Music
Academy involve?

There is just no escaping the fact that running your own business can be hard work. However, you are doing it for yourself and the rewards of a Derosa Music franchise will be there for you to see from day one. If you possess the following attributes then a Derosa Music franchise could be just what you have been looking for:
  • A willingness to work hard, because there is simply no substitute for hard work.
  • A willingness to persevere, because there will always be times when things don’t go according to plan.
  • The desire to work for yourself, and take proper control of your own destiny.
  • The desire to work with others who all share your commitment to the highest standards.

If everything you’ve read so far makes sense, and you think that a Derosa Music Franchise is something you want to know more about, we should talk further.



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If everything you’ve read so far makes sense, and you think that a Derosa Music Academy Franchise is something you want to know more about, we should talk further.

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