Alanna’s Story

I started the same as most little girls that end up being Dancers or Performers with Ballet at the age of 3 years old and later adding Modern and Tap. By the time I was eight I also started Drama. I lived and breathed Dance and Drama and loved to Perform.

At 16years I studied Performing arts and L.A.M.D.A’s London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts at College. By the time I left college age 19years I started the same week touring with Murder Mystery Southern Performing Nationwide and continued to study L.A.M.D.A Acting and L.A.M.D.A Verse and Prose both to Honours. I also took up singing. 18 months later I was Qualified as a L.A.M.D.A teacher, I had a few agents and started Acting and dancing in Films Nationwide but mainly at Pinewood Studios London.

I spent the next 8 years getting on the 4.40am train out of Fratton Portsmouth to get to Waterloo station where the cleaners would nudge me to wake me up. Down into the under ground and off to Pinewood or on Location. To the most surreal magical world. Where every time I met someone they and their surroundings had completely changed. One week we would be in a Period drama like “Four Feathers” wearing all that that entails and the next week we would see each other again on board a ship dancing the Tarantella in Terra Nostra (Brazilian T.V Series) dressed as starving stowaways in rags. Or bumping into each other on the set of a Fantasy Film Harry Potter or Dinotopia. There was a lot of tentative conversations “Hi how are you? “How have you been” Whilst I desperately tried to work out where I knew them from. One of these times I spotted a lady I knew but as normal couldn’t place. So I started my usual “Hi how are you” Patter whilst trying to work it out. She was very friendly and we ended up discussing the stewed tea on set. Then someone from behind her said she was due on set and that was the end of that, she was off. It wasn’t until after she left another actor said to me you do realise who that was don’t you? That was Dame Judy Dench!

I then left may industry 8years later because I met a man who I was going to settle down with so I started in Sales and started training in Latin American Jive.

After a car crash leaving me unable to drive I decided it was time for my next career change.

I saw an advert in the paper from Curves Gym asking for a gym instructor. So thought I’d call them up. I explained on the answerphone message I was not a gym Instructor but I am a dancer would they be interested? I worked at Curves gym for the next year teaching dance. And trained as a teacher.

A Salsa friend of mine wanted to open his own salsa school but he didn’t know how and asked if I could help him. 3 years later I now had 14 different styles of dance under my belt and co owned 4 salsa schools and a Cuban Club. This is where I started to pick up my Dance teaching style and business skills and where my previous Sales and event Management experience started coming in handy.


… and how Dancin’ Fit was born!

Dancin’ Fit opened Sept 2015. After two months of International Choreography. £70 spent on a speaker and my old laptop for music.

My first class I had four ladies.

I had three sessions in total weekly.

By the 1st Christmas I had ladies in every session but they were still small groups. Then….January happened!!! As it does every year the New Year resolutions step in and BANG everyone hits the dance floor. The trick is to keep them coming back.

So that was a frantic time of constant new Choreography and building stock. I was also creating as much noise as possible on radio, Leaflets, Facebook, posters, discount cards, free street performances anywhere and everywhere. I was exhausted but I believed in Dancin’ Fit and really wanted people to have the opportunity to love dance as much as me without years of studying each style. So I kept working till 2am every night. Luckily the Dancin’ Fit customers loved what I do as the choreo was new and fresh and didn’t take years of training in each style to accomplish. They just dip their toe in and out of each style for an hour trusting in the instructor and having fun. We were built!

We’ve gone from strength to strength since those days. Though I still work till 2am I don’t feel like I work at all. Every day I want to talk about my job, I look forward to going to work and I miss the ladies when they aren’t there. We meet for coffees and run events and Themed weeks. And I don’t have to tell you about riding those adrenaline highs!!

I have always called Dancin’ Fit ladies my Dancin’ Fit Family and they are. We couldn’t be closer!

S0 what is my territory?

Your Territory will be where you live or as close to your area as is available. Its worked on Postcodes and Population density so that each Franchisee has the same opportunity to earn a good living with the same potential Population.

To have an exclusive area you must have a minimum of three in hall classes running weekly at least 47 weeks a year.

However, you can have 1 session a week and share a territory with someone else who has 2 sessions a week running all year.

What You Need


• Be a Professional or Ex Pro dancer.
• Have a genuine love of working with people Have an outgoing confident personality
• Have a keen Passion for Dance and Fitness Be driven


• Have training in three or more dance styles.
• Entertainer background

So what happens next?

  • You will start you level 2 Nationally recognised qualification in Dance and Fitness.
  • You will have an initial training period supported by Alanna this will be a two
    weekend course including: Choreography
  • First Aid training and certification PPL/PRS licence information and discount
  • 1 Years FREE Insurance after passing your level 2.
  • Dancin’ Fit Instructor Licence
  • Accounts training
  • Marketing training
  • Advice and training on how to Manage you own business
  • Dancin’ Fit Instructor
  • Qualification and Licence

Income projection

This is based on working 3 Sessions a week 10 customers in each session At a hall rent of £25 per hour.
Working 47 weeks a year.

Per Session
3 sessions per week Working 47
weeks a year
Per Annum
Gross Turnover
£50 £150 per week £7,050 £7,050
Expenses Hall Rent £25 £25 x 3 = £75 £3,525 £3,525
Profit £3,525 £3,525


This is based on working 7 Sessions a week
10 customers in each session This is based on working 7 Sessions a week
20 customers in each session At a hall rent of £25 per hour. Working 47 weeks a year.

Per Session
3 sessions per week Working 47
weeks a year
Per Annum
Gross Turnover
£50 £350 per week £16,450 £16,450
Expenses Hall Rent £25 £25 x 7 = £175 £8,225 £8,225
Profit £8,225 £8,225


This is based on working 7 Sessions a week
20 customers in each session At a hall rent of £25 per hour. Working 47 weeks a year

Per Session
3 sessions per week Working 47
weeks a year
Per Annum
Gross Turnover
£100 £700 per week £32,900 £32,900
Expenses Hall Rent £25 £25 x 7 = £175 £8,225 £8,225
Profit £24,675 £24,675


Once you are on board you will get…

On going support and training

  • A Geographical Post coded territory area based on Population size.
  • One to One training
  • Full set of Playlists and Dancin’ Fit Choreography Advertising, PR and Promotional materials
  • Comprehensive training manual
  • Your locations added to the Dancin’ Fit website and booking system.
  • Franchisee forum to encourage internal communication between Franchisees
  • Live and On demand question and answer sessions.
  • Top up training throughout the year providing an opportunity for Franchisees to network and meet the team. Regular tips and Newsflashes
  • Professional development opportunities
  • Opportunity to level up your income by selling Dancin’ Fit products.

Franchisee testimonial…

I would always come away on a high with a smile on my face after Dancin’ Fit . I burnt an amazing number of calories and way over my daily steps allowance, I also met the most amazing people who buzzed as much as me from Dancin’ Fit !!!…..I was addicted from my first session!

My passion is dancing, When I saw the opportunity to dance to unique choreography and upbeat music for a living it was easy to say YES!

Dancin’ Fit has opened up a whole new path for me in life giving me so much Independence, Confidence and a much better work life balance.

At Dancin’ Fit I get to visit that happy place where I feel most free…. …….The place where I get to Dance , Laugh and Party!



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